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Urgent Care Services in San Diego, CA

Urgent Care Located at 8260 Mira Mesa Blvd Ste A San Diego, CA 92126 is Open 8AM-8PM Monday to Sunday. Our Experienced Medical Professionals Treat Children to Seniors with No Appointment Necessary.  AFC Urgent Care Provides X-Ray and Lab Testing On-site. Walk-in or Call Us.

X-Ray Services

Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinic in San Diego, CA - X-Ray Services

Sports Injuries

Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinic in San Diego, CA - Sports Injuries

STD Testing

Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinic in San Diego, CA - STD Testing

Immigration Services

Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinic in San Diego, CA - Immigration Services

At AFC Urgent Care in San Diego – We offer a wide variety of medical services and treat several ailments – including, but not limited to:

  • Urgent Care: From acute illness due to virus or infection, to minor wounds and other injuries, we offer convenient, fast and affordable treatment.
  • Acute Illness: Acute illnesses are typically those of rapid onset, brief and oftentimes, severe in nature. We have state of the art equipment and the resources necessary for acute care.
  • Trauma: We offer treatment for non-life-threatening injuries such as cuts and fractures. Some cuts (or lacerations) must be stitched to heal correctly. Typically, fractures are diagnosed via x-ray and then the bone must be set to heal properly.
  • Minor Surgical Care: Cuts, puncture wounds and foreign body removal are all treatable at AFC Urgent Care. Our expert staff can treat these painful injuries quickly and efficiently.
  • Occupational Medicine: No matter what your industry, we can provide pre-employment screenings as well as injury management for your employees.
  • Sports Injuries: We will diagnose and treat sports-related injuries. Some common sports injuries are sprains & strains, fractured bones, cuts and bumps and bruises. We have the full complement of bandages, splints, casts and/or braces to ensure complete care of your injury.
  • Physicals:  We are a convenient option for physicals. Physicals are often required for:
    • School districts
    • Athletics
    • Immigration
    • Pre-employment screening.
  • Sports/School Physicals: We are a convenient option for physicals, often required by San Diego school sports.
  • Pre-Operative Exams: You can receive your pre-operative exam with no for minor surgeries and elective procedures.
  • Lab Work: We provide on-site testing while you wait, with our state-of-the-art CLIA certified laboratory, will get the testing done quickly and efficiently. We also offer TB, Step, Flu and STD testing.
  • Digital X-Ray: Is it broken or just sprained? Our X-Ray is on site, so results are interpreted while you wait. At your request, we will provide a copy of your X-Ray for you to take to your Primary Care Physician or a Specialist.
  • Prescriptions: Our Physicians are able to write a prescription for you if necessary, to be filled at any pharmacy for your convenience.

At your request, we will send a report of your visit to your Primary Care doctor via a secure email or fax link.

Specialty urgent care services at AFC Urgent Care center’s location near Mira Mesa include:

  • Colds, Coughs and Flu
  • Cuts, Lacerations, Stitches and Bruises
  • Earaches and Infections
  • Broken Bones & Fractures
  • Burns, Rashes and Bug Bites
  • Eye Injuries and Pink Eye
  • TB Test
  • Chest X-Ray
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Nausea and Headaches
  • STD Testing
  • UTI Treatment
  • Ingrown Toenails
  • Back Pain
  • Skin Infections and Rashes
  • Swimmer’s Ear and Ear Cleaning

8260 Mira Mesa Blvd Ste A
San Diego, CA 92126